Don’t Mess Around When It Comes to Your Data Backup

Haven’t backed up your business data? Then, you’re monkeying around with the sustainability of your business. It’s so easy to lose everything. No backup server. No backup files. No data recovery services. No more business.

It’s incredibly important to safeguard against total loss of business data. What if you get hacked? Your hard drive crashes. Or, you spill coffee across your keyboard. You’ll want to make sure a copy of what keeps your business operating is safely stored using remote or offsite backup for retrieval.

According to tech and business industry pillars, consider this:

  • < 50% of surveyed small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have no disaster recovery service in event of a catastrophic data loss (Symantec)
  • 20% of SMBs don’t do daily backups; and 43% of those that don’t back up daily think it’s a waste of time (Paragon Software Group)
  • > 93% of companies that lose a data center for > 10 days file for bankruptcy within a year of the incident (National Archives & Records Administration)

Here’s more to think about when it comes to backing up your systems, preventing business data loss, and properly protecting your information.

Tape vs. Cloud Backup Services

A simple way to implement backup services is to clone a copy of your data onto a tape. Companies have relied on this method or other internal systems for preserving information for … ever.

Today, those methods are past their prime. They’re expensive and unreliable. Failures are common. Security breaches are a threat. Tapes are plastic … they can melt in the firebox! Unfortunately, businesses often don’t realize the risks they run until the damage has been done.

But, with a well-thought-out data backup and recovery solution, a managed service provider and you can guard against threats with a real-time replication system that will work for your business. And, it will be one that’s easy to manage and suits your budget and business needs.

A good and dependable alternative is backing up your data to the cloud … just like all the cool companies are doing these days. There are plenty of services that let you backup data via the Internet.

Take, for example, Axcient, Datto, or even Carbonite. These are popular, cloud-based backup solutions for SMBs that a managed service provider can serve up. They are known as hybrid cloud solutions, meaning that there’s an onsite backup appliance at your location that backs up your network in near real-time. For added protection, the appliance then uploads your data to the cloud (to what is really an off-site data center).

The advantage to using these services is that you don’t have to worry about losing or breaking a physical drive, or watching it melt. It’s also unlikely your data will get lost. If it did, you could reasonably expect that these solution providers would go out of business. Cold comfort, yes, but comfort nonetheless.

So, let’s talk today about data backup and disaster recovery services for your business. Contact us now for more information and a free consultation. We will show you the best ways to protect your business data on your path to becoming more agile, efficient and scalable.